Bucharest: Things To Do In February

February in Bucharest

February, February...It’s just you and then spring is on! If you are an inhabitant of the Northern Hemisphere then you probably are already tired with dark days, freezing temperatures and  too many layers of clothes.

Bucharest Village Museum
winter scene @Bucharest Village Museum photo credits: Cristian Butuc Photography

While we dream of sunnier days lets see if there are any interesting events going on in Bucharest this upcoming month. The post with things to do in Bucharest in December was wildly popular so I decided to make it a monthly business. Every last week of the month I will write a list with events and celebrations, so stay tuned!

Valentine’s Day

Now back to February-the month of love and not so many  events. As you could probably imagine, most of the Feby events revolve around the ever challenged  Valentine’s Day (week end this year, to be more precise). I say challenged because here in Romania Valentine’s Day is fairly new as a celebration and we still have mixed feelings about it.

February in Bucharest
photo credits: Cristian Butuc Photography

However, if you are visiting on Valentine’s week -end expect to see a Bucharest covered in floating hearts, poofy teddy bears, red roses and couples snogging at every corner. Besides the pink and the red sweetness surrounding you, we believe it to be just another reason for some heavy partying so be sure to hit the Old City Center and just pick any bar, pub or club.

Some of the events scheduled for this celebration are:

Valentine’s Day quilling seminar- I have no idea what quilling is exactly and it seems an event dedicated for the ones that do have more time to spend around here, but DIY and handmade ateliers are in right now so it’s worth an honorable mention.

When? Wednesday  the  11th of February 2015 from 16:30 or 19:00

How much? 50 lei per person

For reservations and info: contact@artandhobbystudio.ro (sign up deadline the 9th of February)

Waiting for Valentine’s-The most sexy fair in town. It’s a fair where you will find everything you need to properly celebrate Valentine’s Day from dresses, make-up, lingerie to sweets and all the rest.

When? Starting Thursday the 12th of February to Sunday the 15th

Where? Excelsior Gallery. Toma Caragiu Str. (University Area)

Love Songs with Stefan Stan at the Hard Rock Cafe. Stefan Stan is the winner of the first season of  The Voice so this show might turn out to be a good one and the Hard Rock Cafe does have delicious food.

When? Friday the 13th of February at 22:00

Where? Hard Rock Cafe in Herastrau Park

How much? 40 lei with seat at the table or 50 lei VIP tickets with seat at a table in front of the scene.

For the ones who are not particularly fond of Valentine's Day,  then there's the Happy Anti Valentine's Day party at Fabrica, a club rather famous among locals so a good chance to see how we party outside the Old City Center. 14th of February 2015 starting 21:00. Address: 11 Iunie Str. No.50

The Dragobete

For the ones who visit us later in the month: do not worry! We, Romanians, like to take things to the next level and have a second holiday dedicated to love in the same month on the 24th of February: The Dragobete.

This is our own, traditional, centuries old holiday, a pagan holiday that we have from our ancestors, the Dacians. Before I go further, I need to tell you about the meaning of the Dragobete and some of the traditions because they are beautifully weird and largely forgotten, especially in urban areas.

The Dragobete is a mystical creature, part human, part angel who is supposed to  be strong, handsome and kind- the god of love and joy.

It’s a day when we celebrate the approach of spring and when birds and animals mate thus beginning a new cycle of life. No animal sacrifices are permitted on Dragobete Day and neither is sowing. Cleaning the house is recommended as it brings freshness in the household.

February in Bucharest
photo credits: Cristian Butuc Photography

Men are not  to upset women as they might face a difficult spring and not a very prosperous year. Both men and women must be joyful and celebrate this day so they’ll have a year full of love.

In the countryside, young women and men dress up in festive clothes and go into the nearby woods in search of wild spring flowers that men offer the ladies. After that, they start camp fires, sit around it and tell stories. At lunch time, the women start running home- a ritual called Zburatorit (translation: flying away like a flock of birds). Men start chasing them, trying to catch the one dear to their heart. If he catches her, she has to kiss him in front of everyone and they would be engaged to be married. A traditional Romanian engagement ritual.

In older days it was customary for unmarried women to gather what snow they could find-named snow of the fairies- melt it and use the water for love spells and beauty rituals. It was believed that this magical water would help them become as beautiful as fairies.

Sadly enough, while checking the list of events, I've noticed that we don’t have any Dragobete feast announced yet for Bucharest.  I’ll update this blog post as soon as I see something.

Other Events

There are a few events that you might enjoy and are non related to Valentine’s Day or the Dragobete:

Handmade Suppliers fair-where you can find anything you need for your DIY projects.  From the 20th of February to the 22nd of February. Excelsion Gallery, Toma Caragiu Str. (University area)

SONOR 3: Moonlight Breakfast, Basska and K-LU. I am not familiar with Basska or K-LU but Moonlight Breakfast is awesome.  The 21st of February at the World Trade Center starting 20:00. Ticket: 30 lei

CLOUD NO.9 POP-UP STORE- temporary exhibition of Romanian designers for the fashionistas out there. 30 Romanian designers, up to 50% sales and a 100% natural beauty products section as a bonus. The 21st&22nd of February 2015 at the Collage Lounge, opposite the Peasants Museum (Victoriei Square).

Pet Exhibition 2015- Cats, dogs, birds, reptiles at the first edition of Bucharest Pet Exhibition. The 27th of February until the 1st of March. Romexpo, sections C1, C2 and C3. Ticket: 15lei/day

Otherwise, enjoy the love and tell us about your February trip in Bucharest!

February in Bucharest
photo credits: Cristian Butuc Photography

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