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Today is the last day of winter and I couldn't be more happy that the cold season is finally over. February was a good month for Roaring Romania, a lot happened and one of those things is that I discovered instagram.

I had an account for a couple of months but wasn't good at it. At the end of January I had one of my pictures featured for the first time which brought new followers and people starting reacting to my photos. I was hooked  on the spot.

Instagram rocketed to being my favorite social network. I love it that is simple and less noisy than other social media. You can choose exactly what you want to see and it doesn't have that spamming element of Facebook. It's definitely less addictive, only that now I carry my camera with me pretty much everywhere. Traded my bag for my camera bag, basically.

I also love the interaction between people and the discussions that start from a photo. I honestly have to say that I cannot wait for the next instameet in Bucharest and maybe have the chance to meet some of the people that are behind the cameras.

I chose 10 photos from my February gallery for this post: my darlings & the most popular. They are quite different from the photos that I usually add to my posts. I don't edit a lot the photos for my blogposts mainly because I believe that the images should be truthful so you know what you get when you visit a place. But on instagram, I allow myself to be a bit more creative :).

I hope you will like them and if you are curios to see my entire gallery you can click on: @roaring.romania

1. With this photo I discovered the wonders of HDR.

2.This is my favorite photo from my trip to Prahova Valley and Brasov. You can read about my journey here: Prahova Valley, Brasov & My First Solo Trip

3. View from Cantacuzino Castle, Busteni. This photo was featured on @Visitprahova.ro

4. This is my most popular one. It was an entry for an Instagram challenge: Weekend Hashtag Project, theme: retro.

5. At the opening of Carturesti Carusel. Photo featured on @igersbucharest.

6. Covaci Street in HDR. Photo featured on @hdr_oftheworld.

7. This is my favorite photo out of the entire February gallery. It was taken in the Tomis Marina, in my hometown, Constanta. Read more about Constanta here: The Town of Constanta

8.Covaci street again, this time on a rainy afternoon.

Covaci Street, Bucharest Old City Center #roaringromania #ig_bucharest A photo posted by Alexandra Chirila (@alexandra.chirila) on

9. Cool Place alert: Nomad Sky Bar, Old City Center.

10. Crazy clouds above Romana Square, Bucharest.


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