April in Bucharest: a city in bloom

april in Bucharest

It’s again that beautiful time of the year when the days are longer, the sun shines brighter and everyone wants to spend as much time outside as possible: April in Bucharest.  Let’s see what this month has in store for us when it comes to having some fun around here!

April in Bucharest

Florii & Easter

The Sunday before Easter, so on the 5th of April the orthodox celebrate the Florii, a religious feast that commemorates the entry of Christ in Jerusalem. It’s also the nameday of every person that is named after a flower like Violeta, Margareta, Florina and so on.

Traditional fair at the Peasant Museum: hand painted eggs, handmade Romanian clothing and traditional food at the Targul de Florii. 3-5 April 2015.

The one main event that we celebrate this year in April is Easter: either on the 5th of April or the 12th, depending on your confession. The catholics and protestants celebrate it on the 5th and the orthodox on the 12th.

Some of the orthodox traditions for Easter include going to the midnight service and light a candle-something that we call, in a rough translation- to take light, drinking holy water on an empty stomach and knocking red eggs. Food is undoubtly an important part of this feast. Lamb is the traditional meat for Easter and can be cooked in different forms and sizes but most common are tripe, roast and stock.

And just like Christmas, it’s a eat-till-you-drop kind of holiday. I’m not joking! In Romania the longest fasting period for the orthodox population is the Easter one so imagine what happens after 6 weeks of plant based diet when you stuff yourself with lamb, eggs and sweet bread.

April in Bucharest
Romanian traditional sweet bread aka the COZONAC

In the last years there’s this new way of celebrating Easter: from church straight to the club. This is why some of the biggest, wildest parties are on Easter week end. We are such a weird country...but, all in all, it’s a good time to visit Romania.

Of course there is a traditional fair for Easter. I think there are several of them around the city but, yet again, I recommend the one at the Peasant Museum. Targ de Paste starts on the 8th and closes on the 10th of April. It's your shot at some Romanian goodies.

Note: I am not trying to overlook the other confessions that exist in Romania. I’ve given more information about the orthodox Easter only because I am familiar with it.

Parks, flowers and lots of green

April in Bucharest is the time when nature takes over and runs its own festival. Blooming trees, colorful flowers and a batch of spring fresh green make it impossible not to invade parks. And that is where most of the population of Bucharest will be during week-ends. Week days too, to a certain extent. If you find yourself in Bucharest these days and you want to mingle with the locals or get pumped with some Vitamin D AND relax through some heavy people watching then head to the parks: Cismigiu, Herastrau, Tineretului, Carol, any park will do!

I do recommend the park at Mogosoaia for picnic days and lazy afternoons. Details on Mogosoaia (palace and park) will follow shortly on Roaring Romania.

April in Bucharest

Magnolia hunt

If I were to choose one reason why April is the best month in Bucharest then that is: MAGNOLIAS. There are neighborhoods in Bucharest that are simply packed with magnolia trees that go in full bloom in April. Can you imagine the splendor? To experience this Bucharestian spring delight just go for a stroll around Cotroceni neighborhood.

I’ve been postponing an article on Cotroceni just to photograph the pink and white magnolias so unfortunately I do not have my own photos to show you but there is an intragram account dedicated to Cotroceni: @amazingcotroceni . I’ve been following it every day just to make sure I do not miss them:

RoRo’s choice of events in April:

Auto-Moto Show at the Constitutiei Square between the 1st and the 5th of April.

International Pillow Fight Day- I don’t think this needs a lot of explaining. I’ve missed the previous ones so I am super excited about this year pillow fight. Universitate Square, 4th of April from 16:00 o’clock. Bring a pillow and be there or be square!

The Coffee Lovers Event- I am a true coffee lover and I believe there’s no life before coffee so this event is one I will definitely check out. 23-26 April 2015, Romexpo, pavilionul C3

April in bucharest
The Color Run 2014 in Bucharest

The Color Run Shine Tour: the happiest 5k on the planet arrives in Bucharest for a second edition on the 25th of April 2015.  Super important tip: make sure you have sun glasses for the run.

The Untold Story in Your City sounds pretty good to me: “On the 25th of April, Romanian fairy tales will take over Colectiv club in Bucharest for the first Untold Festival promo party.”

Have a wonderful April in Bucharest and do share with us your Bucharestian adventures!

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