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locked in

I always loved mystery games and treasure hunts where you had to go from clue to clue to put the puzzle together and find the answer. As a child I was a fan of Scooby-Doo and later switched to a series of detective movies: CSI, Midsomer Murders, Sherlock (swoon) and Forever (swoon again). So when the opportunity arose to put my detective skills to work in real life, I was game!

I channeled my inner Nancy Drew at Locked in, one of the newest escape rooms in Bucharest. If you are not familiar witht he concept the idea is: you are literally locked in a room where you have to solve puzzles and games to escape the room. You can’t force the door or break the windows, only solving the mysteries can get you out of there...(eye rolling) and the staff that unlock you after 60 minutes if you fail.

locked in

As you can probably imagine I will not disclose anything that might spoil the game for you but I can admit that the experience is a roller coster of emotions. I think the last time I felt that kind of „I know I know the solution but my brain decided to go on vacation” frustration was when I was doing my physics homework in middle school. And then BOOM! We solved one puzzle, my adrenaline kicked in and I felt like Alan Turing after breaking the Enigma.

So is Locked In something to do if you are in Bucharest? Absolutely!

First: entertainment is guaranteed. The games are neither boringly easy nor impossibly complicated. A good mix of brainfitness and fun.

Second: the staff is incredible. Both Miruna and Liviu are good hosts, explain everything thoroughly and take care of their guests. I was really impressed by the fact that they created and put together the games and the room itself. I mean solving a puzzle is one thing but creating it is just another level of passion and dedication.

Third: Location. Locked In is in the city center, near Unirii Square so walking distance from the Old City Center.

And guess what! Locked In is preparing a Dracula themed room, that I just can’t wait to experience because...Dracula and Sherlock.locked in

So if you are in Bucharest and ready for an escape room adventure book your Locked In experience by filling the form bellow.

Should you choose to book via Roaring Romania I will receive a commission that will help me keep Roaring Romania up and running.


5-6 persons: 40 lei per person

4 persons: 45 lei per person

3 persons: 55 lei per person

2 persons: 65 lei per person

10% discount from 12:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday

20% discount for pupils

* discounts do not add up

Address: Radu-Voda Str. No. 16A.

Have you ever tried Locked In or a different escape room? How was it? Did you solve the puzzle? Share your experience with us!

Please note that any comment that might disclose the solution of the puzzle will be deleted.



  1. Irina
    April 7th

    Cool! I must try that one too! I only tried the military escape room from these guys http://escaperooms.ro/ and liked it! Although we didn’t manage to get out in time 🙁 but we were really really really close 😛

    • yeah…we didn’t escape either 🙁 Prison Cell is awesome! I’ll check out the military room too now that I’m getting the hang of this 😀

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