The Danube Delta for your 2016 Vacation

I know that the season is barely over. I also know that it doesn't take long until we start daydreaming about our next trip. Where to go? What to pick? Top destination or something off the beaten path?

How about a bit of both? How about the Danube Delta?

danube delta

  1. It's a UNESCO heritage site. Although a less familiar destination for Joe Public, the Danube Delta is the second largest delta after Volga's, is the best preserved one  and has the largest biodiversity on the old continent. UNESCO likes this since they've put the Danube Delta on their list since 1991.

  2. It's a paradise for birdwatching. 80% of the bird species of Europe can be found in the Danube Delta. Just on a regular boat ride you can spot pelican colonies,  ducks, glossy ibises, all sorts of herons altogether. So get your binoculars and go bird spotting! Trust me! It's more fun than it sounds!

  3. For the love of fish! If you like to eat fish then a trip to the Danube Delta is absolutely a must for you. Fish is the no.1 ingredient  in all the Deltaic recipes. People learned to cook it in countless ways: soups like the delicious fish meatball soup made with 7 different fish and water from the Danube, or baked in the oven together with vegetables, or fried and served with garlic sauce.  It's a fishfest!

  4. You would be stepping on the youngest territory of Europe. Not only that but due to the sediments brought in by the Danube, it's also continuously changing. danube delta

  5. Cultural diversity at its best! The Danube Delta is special not only for its natural elements but also through the people that live here. The Russian Lipovans came from Russia at the beginning of the 18th century when they ran away from the drastic reforms of Tsar Peter the Great. They settled in the Danube Delta, among other territories in Ukraine and Romania.In the Delta there are  villages where, to this day, the Lipovans make the majority of the population. Their traditions are very well kept, they speak an old Russian dialect, men wear long beards, fishing is their main occupation and they keep the religious holidays by the old rite orthodox calendar.

  6. It's still peaceful and unexplored! People are yet to discover this corner of Europe so if you visit it now you will have the Delta to yourself and a few other curious people. No huge groups, no queuing for photos, no noisy tourists, no hustle and bustle. Only boats, birds and fishermen.danube delta

The season for visiting the Danube Delta starts in late March and stretches to end September with the best months being April and May due to intense bird activity. Plan a sunrise tour on the boat and make sure you have the following items in your bags: anti mosquitoes lotion, sun screen, sun glasses, hat and warm clothes cause it might get cold on the boat.

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danube delta


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