Bucharest For Book Lovers

book lovers

If you decided to visit Bucharest and consider yourself to be a book lover or the more hip term of book nerd then you should know that Bucharest is quite the book friendly city. We have tea houses and coffee shops that make perfect spots for a quiet afternoon with a nice book to catch a rest after intense sightseeing. Parks and gardens to enjoy the outdoors, book stores to wander around hundreds of books and other places that appeal to the sensitive tastes of book lovers.


1. Carturesti Carusel

The Carturesti Carusel bookstore is the Mecca for all book lovers, be them locals or guests. Spread over 4 stories, the Carusel is not only a book store, it’s a bookstore with an art gallery, a bistro and a glass ceiling that makes the light here beautiful at all hours of the day. You can come in and wander through hundreds of books, check out rare comic books or just find a nice spot to read and enjoy the experience.


2. Infinitea Teahouse

This is the closest that you’ll ever be to feel as if you landed in a storyland. Set in an old town house in the quiet neighborhood of Cotroceni, Infinitea is quite the sweetheart with the locals. It has the atmosphere of an old world study where one retreats to immerse himself in a good book, surrounded by dim lamp lights, relaxing music, tea, biscuits and jam. Or if you find yourself around here during warm season then you can enjoy the terrace that is straight out of a fairy tale.


3. The Japanese Garden in Herastrau Park

This is the sakura experience outside Japan. Grab yourself a book, some picnic delights, find a blooming cherry tree and set camp there. Unfortunately this book lover flowery paradise is available for only a couple of weeks per year. So if you visit Bucharest sometime at the beginning of April, you can consider yourself a very lucky person!



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4. The Hobbit Door

Ok, this is not a place where you can read or buy books but it is a place that resembles one of the most famous doors in world literature: Bilbo Baggins’s door. So if you are a fan of Tolkien and his oddly adventurous hobbit, then search for Bilbo’s Bucharest door. You can find in Dorobanti neighboorhood which is quite lovely in itself, a good place for an afternoon stroll.

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5. Energiea Gastropub

Energiea is already a place that has gained some well deserved local reputation for being one of the cool places around town and for serving only the best French Fries in the world. What is its connection to books? The building used to host Energiea printing press about a century ago and although the building went through several other stages, the present pub uses some elements traditional to a printing press, reviving Energiea.


6. Old Princely Court

For all the Dracula fans out there who came to Romania to search for the infamous Dracula, search no farther than the Old Princely Court in Bucharest Old Town. Granted, Bram Stoker did place his vampire count in a dark castle, on a cliff but here in Bucharest lies the fortress that the real Prince Dracula called home during his reign. And if it doesn’t look scary enough to be the home of a ruller that could list impalling as his hobby, just try a visit in the underground gallery.



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