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locked in

Locked In Bucharest

I always loved mystery games and treasure hunts where you had to go from clue […]

april in Bucharest

April in Bucharest: a city in bloom

It’s again that beautiful time of the year when the days are longer, the sun […]

getting ready for bucharest

Getting ready for Bucharest

Getting ready for a trip to Bucharest is not largely different than getting ready for […]

is Bucharest safe

Is Bucharest safe?

As I sit in a chic Bucharestian cafe, sipping my coffee and watching out the […]


Bucharest: How To Eat Vegetarian & Vegan Part II

Written by local vegetarian Aglaia @ aglaia.me So you’re a vegetarian visiting Bucharest and you […]


February on Instagram

Today is the last day of winter and I couldn’t be more happy that the […]

things to do in march

Bucharest: Things To Do In March

March-such a lovely month to be in Bucharest. The temperatures are not as friendly yet […]

Armenian Quarter

Bucharest: The Armenian Quarter

After sightseeing and listening to stories about the Old City Center, tourists often ask me […]