Are there any hidden costs?
No, the costs of any of our tours will be clearly stated before the tour and you will know exactly the cost of the tour, what  is included and what  is extra.
Can I have a tailored tour?
Yes! Let us know where you would like to go and see and we can build a tour to suit your request.
Are the itineraries flexible?
Yes, the advantage of a private tour is that the itineraries are highly adaptable to what you would like to see. Just let us know and we will do our best to fit in your tour!
Will there be other people on my tour?
No, the advantage of a private tour is that you & your party will have your own dedicated guide.
In what languages are the tours available?
The tours are available in English, Dutch and Romanian.


Will I have an experienced driver?
Yes, the driver has over 10 years of experience in driving on all kind of roads and weather conditions.
Does the car have air conditioning?
Yes, all the cars that we use on our tours have air conditioning.
What kind of car will I have on my tours?
The kind of car depends on the number of people in your group and the tour: for day tours and groups up to 3 people we use city cars. For 3+ groups and longer trips transportation is provided by minivan or minibus.


Is payment by card possible?
At the moment payment is possible via bank transfer or cash on the day of the tour.


Is the English of my guide understandable?
Yes, the guide speaks proficient English.
Is my guide licensed?
Yes, the guide is licensed by the National Tourism Authority in Romania with license no. 4858.